9.1 Building the Webshop

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9.1.9 The Template Basis

The outlook of the [Product list], [Product card] and [Product spot] WAEs are defined as templates. In the [Product list] WAE, though, the graphical product list editor can also be used. Templates consist of HTML-code and different variables (marked with $, e.g. $itemCode$ for the item code). When outputting the WAEs in the Webshop, the variables are replaced with the information of the product at hand. Some variables refer directly to product fields, such as the product code, name, info text or price, and are replaced with the character string including their value. Some variables are replaced with more complex structures, like $add$, which is replaced with the Add to Cart button (the outlook of the button is separately defined in the WAE settings). With the template, the outlook of the product list, for example, can be directly written in HTML.

Product card template code
Picture 9.9 : Product card template code