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9.2.7 Search WAE

The [Search] WAE creates a text field for key words and a [Search] button. The results of the search open to the Product list page, which is located in the business frame. Type the width of the text field to the Search Field Width text field to define the maximum number of characters that can be typed into the Key word text field.

You can target the search to only one particular search group and its sub groups by selecting the group from the drop down menu.

Search element
Picture 9.22 : Search element

If you have the same product in several groups and you do not want all the entries to be included in the search results, tick Remove duplicates. The products with the same item codes will not be printed more than once now.

The address of the icon for the Search button can be entered in the text field or chosen from the default buttons in the drop down menu [Select].

Once you have made all the changes, click Accept.