9.2 Themes

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9.2.21 Registration 2 - Confirm

The [Reg. confirm] WAE is located on the registration page. For a more detailed description of the registration steps, see Visual -> Building the Webshop -> Registration.

The registration WAE covers second step in the registration process. Here customer can check the entered information.

Registration confirmation appearance
Picture 9.47 : Registration confirmation appearance

  • choose how you want the registration confirmation form to be aligned on the page: center, left or right.

  • In the field "Confirm registration info button picture URL", enter the URL address or select the ready icons for the registration confirm button.

  • Choose how you want the required questions to be highlighted: bold or a red asterisk

  • Choose how you want questions to be aligned.

  • Choose how you want answer fields to be aligned.

  • Checked/Unchecked answer (Depending on checkbox selection one of these answers is shown on registration confirmation page)


The style is modified like in the Classic Productlist