9.1 Building the Webshop

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9.1.7 Registration

The purpose of the registration is to register new customers to the customer database. The most important WAE is [Registration].

Registration process is carried out in three steps.

Structure of registration
Picture 9.7 : Structure of registration

In the first step, the [Registration] WAE outputs a form that contains the selected customer questions. Sending the form takes the customer to the second step (it is first checked that all the required questions have been answered). It is good to include a few lines of the benefits of registration in the notification.

In the second step, the customer checks the entered information, which is visible in the [Reg. confirm] WAE, and accepts the form. Customer information is then transferred to the Workspace customer database.

In the third step, the [Customer confirm] WAE notifies customer, if registration process was successful. Notifications available can be modified in the [Customer confirm] WAE.