9.2.30 Quick Order page

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Quick order WAE is available only in the Quick order page. It is a WAE template which lets you to design the outlook of the list of input fields where the customer can give the item codes and product quantities.

Quick order WAE template
Picture 9.60 : Quick order WAE template

The only template variables supported by the Quick order WAE are:

  • $product_itemcode_field$ - The input field where the item code can be written (Input field Html only)

  • $product_quantity_field$ - The input field where the product's quantity can be written (Input field Html only)

  • $quick_order_accept_action$ - The accept button

Note if you leave the quantity field out, the product's default quantities will be used.

Quick order WAE settings
Picture 9.61 : Quick order WAE settings

In the Settings-tab you can set the following:

  • The number of the fields

  • Label for the accept button

  • The size of the quantity fields

  • The size of the item code fields