9.2.31 Quick Order Confirmation page

9.2.31 Quick Order Confirmation page  <<  >>  9.2.32 Notifications Quick Order Confirmation WAE

This WAE is available only in the Quick order confirmation page. It is very much like the template Product list WAE except for the following differences:

  • There is an additional Html field Missing product Html which will be used in the place of Product Html if no product is found with the given item code. The only available template variable for this field is $product_itemcode$.

  • Add to cart button's ($product_add_action$ -variable) are not supported.

  • Pagination is not supported

  • Variable $quick_order_accept_action$ inserts a button for proceeding to the Order form page

Quick order confirmation template
Picture 9.62 : Quick order confirmation template

On the Settings tab you can set the following:

  • Size of the quantity fields

  • Maximum length for the product name. Names longer than this will be shortened in the listing. If left empty, names are never shortened

  • Text for the product page link

  • Is the product name used as a link to the product page?

  • Is product pictures used as a links to the product page?

  • Is the product item code used as a link to the product page?

  • Label for the 'Proceed to order' -button.

Quick order confirmation settings
Picture 9.63 : Quick order confirmation settings