9.1 Building the Webshop

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9.1.5 Products and Shopping cart

One of the most important tasks of the Visual module is to build a shopping cart system that works. The system consists of a product presentation and a shopping cart section. In product presentation, it is usually required to have listings of different product groups and their sub groups and a more detailed presentation of single products. A product search is a good extra.

Shopping cart system
Picture 9.5 : Shopping cart system

There are two different kinds shopping carts in Workspace: large and small. The large shopping cart is located on the Shopping Cart page and it opens in the business frame. You can put plenty of product related information (e.g. pictures, more details) info on display in the large shopping cart. The small shopping cart is a drop down menu and it can be located on any page. The small shopping cart usually shows only the product name, amount and price. When the small shopping cart is in use, the items in the shopping cart are saved there. You can open the large shopping cart with the [Show cart] WAE. If the small shopping cart is not in use, the shopping cart page will open.