9.2 Themes

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9.2.23 Password Recovery WAE

The Password recovery WAE is located on the Password recovery page. When a Customer has lost his password and clicks the "forgot password" link in the PasswordTemplate WAE, then the Customer is redirected to the special Password recovery page, which displays helpful information about the password recovery procedure, in addition to the possiblity of entering the login name for recovery purposes.

Password recovery HTML
Picture 9.49 : Password recovery HTML

In the password recovery HTML editor you can define the appearance of the password recovery element. There are a set of variables which are available there.

Picture 9.50 : Settings

Password recovery settings tab in the password recovery element opens the page for setting the button properties and field names for password recovery.

Descriptions of the available settings:

  • Username label - the user can define the label for username.

  • Username field's length - the length of the username input field.

  • Password recovery "Alt"-text - the alt-text for the send password button.

  • "Send password" (password recovery) button settings - the user can specify the pictures URL or select the picture from a list of default pictures and set the alt text for the picture.

Once you have made all the changes, click the Accept button.