9.2.29 Saveable cart page

9.2.29 Saveable cart page  <<  >> Saveable cart Settings Saveable cart WAE

[Saveable cart] -WAE is accessible through saveable cart page.

If you click saveable cart WAE, Saveable cart and Settings tabs will open.

Saveable basket
Picture 9.58 : Saveable basket

Saveable cart tab includes fields like Start HTML, cart HTML, Grouping HTML, Group size and End HTML.

Start HTML is added into the beginning of the saveable cart page. Its content is free HTML code. Template variables appropriate for this page, like saveable cart actions, are available. See saveable cart variables.

Cart HTML added for each product in cart. It includes HTML code, which defines structure and outlook of the cart. You can display info on the ordered items using cart variables

Grouping HTML and Group size -fields the enable the grouping of cart products into several columns. Grouping HTML is an output between products with gaps defined by the Group size.

End-HTML is added into the end of a list. The same variables as in Start-HTML field are available.

Example: You can sort the products in a cart into a table with three columns, like this:
Start-HTML : <TABLE><TR>
Basket-HTML : <TD> $item_code$... $item_name$ ... $item_delete_action$</TD>
Grouping-HTML : </TR><TR>
Group size : 3
End-HTML : </TR></TABLE>