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Order list settings
Picture 9.54 : Order list settings

In the Settings tab you can choose which orders to display, depending on the orders' handling status. The list of statuses is located in "Select orders with handling status set to" pulldown menu.

It is also possible to define settings relating to some of the order list fields, such as the link text for "view order" link. You can also choose the order id to act as a link to the order page.

If you want to divide the order list to multiple pages you can enable the 'Use paging'. Paging settings can be also edited from the tab, like the maximum amount of orders displayed in a single page. The texts on the paging links can be changed, they also accept HTML-markup, eg. If you want to use images as the link content.Remember to add the paging Template-variables to the order list if you enable the pagination.

Once you have made all the changes, click the Accept button.