9.2.26 Order History list and Order WAE

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[Order history] -WAE lists all customers orders using page template.To modifiable template, can be found in order list WAE in order history page.

If you click orderlist WAE, in order history page settings, orderhistory list and Settings tabs opens.

Order history list
Picture 9.53 : Order history list

Order list page includes fields like Start HTML, Order HTML, Grouping HTML, Group size and End HTML. Template variables available: order history list.

Start-HTML is added into beginning of order list. It includes free HTML. Template variables appropriate for this page, like order history actions, are available. For example buttons, orders amount in list, and paging variables.

Order-HTML is added for each order in list. It includes HTML code, which defines structure and outlook of list. Template variable blocks can be used here. Look for code example below.

Grouping-HTML and Group size -fields enable grouping orders in list into several columns. Grouping HTML is output between orders with gaps defined by the Group size.

End-HTML is added into end of list.

Example: You can sort the orders into a table with three columns, like this:
Start-HTML : <TABLE><TR>
Order-HTML : <TD>$order_id$ ... $orderhistory_order_link$
#block order_basket
Product: $item_name$ ($item_code$)<br>
Price: $item_price$ $order_currency_primary_label$ (incl. $item_vat$)<br>
Amount: $item_quantity$<br>
Grouping-HTML : </TR><TR>
Group size : 3
Loppu-HTML : </TR></TABLE>