9.2.12 Product list & Product spot

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The purpose of the [Product list] and [Product spot] WAEs is to list the products of the selected product group. The purpose of the [Product spot] WAE is to highlight a certain product group. The group New products, for example, is typically placed in the front page below the Welcome text. Modifying the [Product spot] WAE works the same way as the template-based product list, with the exception that on the Settings tab you can choose how product promotion is done. The [Product spot] WAE can be located on any page.

The [Product list] WAE is located on the product list page. Its purpose is to list the product group items selected from the tree or drop down menu. The same WAE is used to list search results. You can take the template-based product list into use by clicking the Use template-based product lists box in the Settings tab of the Visual module.

After this, clicking the Product list WAE in the Product list modification opens the Product list and Settings tabs on the right.

Product list
Picture 9.36 : Product list

In the product list tab you can find the fields Start HTML, Product HTML, Grouping HTML, Grouping interval and end HTML.

Start HTML is typed into the beginning of the product list. It consists of free HTML. Template-variables that are not related to a single product, can be used here, like variables related to pagination and the product count variable.

Product HTML is typed for every product in the list. It contains an HTML-code according to which product information is shown. Template-variables are used to describe the product information, the Add to Cart button etc.

The fields sorting HTML and sorting gap make it possible to, for example, sort products into several columns. The Grouping HTML is output between products with gaps defined by the Grouping interval.

End HTML is typed to the end of the product list.

Example: You can sort the products into a table with three columns, like this:
Start HTML : <TABLE><TR>
Product HTML : <TD>$itemCode$ $itemName$ ... </TD>
Sorting HTML : </TR><TR>
Sorting Gap : 3
End HTML : </TR></TABLE>
If your list includes products with product options, you have to place the product option menus to the desired place yourself. You can do this in Product HTML with the variable $options$. You should always include the option-variable, because even if you don't use product options now, you might add them later. Then if you haven't included the options in the list, your options won't show in the list.Product list will display maximum 500 products on one page.