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9.2.9 Link WAE

Link WAE provides easy way to create active links into shop pages, which may have several different activities.

Alt-text field contains Alt-text, displayed when the mouse pointer is kept over the link for a short period of time. This only works for image-links.

Enter link text, displayed in published shop into Link text field, if you want to use text link.

You can also modify textlink's text color, font style and size. Both, text-link and image-link will be displayed in the published shop, if defined at the same time. If so, textlink will be placed under image link. If you want to use only textlink or image-link, fill only appropriate fields - link text field for text-link and image-URL field for image-link.

The Animated button, when focused - (OnmouseOver effect) means that a version of the picture in the same directory already exists, named "picturename_m.end". When the mouse is scrolled over the button, the picture becomes visible. This works automatically for default buttons. If you prefer to use your own images as buttons and want to use OnMouseOver effect as well, then you must have "The OnMouseOver" version of this image button in the same directory, named "picturename_m.end". Into URL-address field just enter complete image URL of "OnMouseOut" version of picture named "picturename.end".

Predefined link action types are: Free link Frontpage Display cart Clear cart Proceed to Checkout Register Change Personal data File link Display Order History Display Wishlist Display Saveable cart Quick Order Custom page Custom page (WYSIWYG) Google Checkout