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9.3.1 Import

This section is for importing themes into Workspace. Themes can be imported only by using theme files ending *.WSS (Workspace Style Sheet). You can load these with the Import tool (cf. 5.3 Import). This is how you can import a theme file from your computer:

Received theme
Picture 9.65 : Received theme

  1. Click the Browse button and select the theme file you want to import.

  2. Click the Next button.

  3. You can now see the details of the imported file:

    • Theme name (A)

    • File name (B)

    • Date (C )

    • Theme file size (D)

    • Select the replaced theme drop down menu (E)

  4. Select from the drop down menu an old theme that you can replace with the new, imported theme

  5. You can go back to the previous step by clicking the Previous button, for example if you want to change the theme that will be imported.

  6. When you click the Replace button, Workspace will replace the theme you selected with the new, imported theme.

  7. Workspace notifies, if the import was successfully completed.

NOTE: Once a theme has been replaced with a new one, it can no longer be restored!