9.2 Themes

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9.2.6 Free HTML -WAE

The purpose of the FreeHTML WAE is to create more static content to the pages between other WAEs, into the beginning and/or the end. The WAE can contain HTML-code.

Free html
Picture 9.20 : Free html

The Free HTML WAE can be used for, for example, framing other WAEs with tables or creating fixed beginnings and ends to pages.

NOTE! You should not enter the HTML headline tags, like <body>, <head> or <title>, into the WAE. Workspace creates them automatically to the beginning and the end of every page. A page in the Webshop will be corrupted, in case the tags are entered twice.

If you had uploaded files to Workspace using filemanager, a drop down menu with all these files will appear below free HTML textarea. If selected, the file's content will appear in textarea. Using textarea, you can edit contents of the file, just edit the textarea, and click "Accept" to save changes.

To take advantage of this feature, selected file should be text file, so you can use it like Free HTML WAE. File content will be displayed in the Webshop.

Free HTML element
Picture 9.21 : Free HTML element

Once you have made all the changes, click the “Accept“ button. Predefined Variables in Free-HTML WAE