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You can use predefined template variables in WAE's HTML-code. Template variables available with descriptions are listed here:
$date_year$Current year. ie. 2005
$date_month$Current month. ie 11
$date_day$Current date (day of month). ie 23
$date_hour$Current hour.
$date_minutes$Current minutes.
$date_seconds$Current seconds.
$cart_items_quantity$Total quantity of products in cart
$cart_items_cost$Total cost of products in current cart
$cart_items_cost_no_vat$Total cost of products in current cart without VAT
$ip$Remote user's ip address
$theme$Current theme
$organization$Current organization
Table 9.1 : Variables

If a product group is selected in the Webshop, it's information can be shown by using the predefined group variables listed below without block. If a group isn't selected the variables will be empty in the page. If product selected (we are in product page), then we can list all groups this product belongs to by putting group variables into block.If using variables outside the block, then currently selected group used.
#block product_groupsProductGroup block. Used in product page.
$group_name$Product group's name
$group_code$Product group's code
$group_path$Product group's path in the shown theme. Product groups in the path are shown as hyperlinks
$group_path_plain$Product group's path in the shown theme as plain text
$group_id$Product group's identifier in the database
$group_info$Product group's info-text. Notice: Shown only if the info is selected as visible in the group's settings.
#endblockEnd of block
Table 9.2 : GroupVariable

Also if a single product is currently selected in the Webshop, the product variables from the product list are available in the FreeHTML WAE as well. The variables are then shown with the default settings of the product list. If a product isn't selected the variables will be empty in the Webshop. If customer is logged in, then also customer related variables are available for use.