9.1 Building the Webshop

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9.1.3 Frames

The outlook of the Webshop consists of frames. There are four possible types of frames: left, top, bottom and mainframe (i.e. the business frame).

With the Frame editor you can define how the frames are placed, as well as the frame size, color and optional scroll bars.

Frame editor
Picture 9.2 : Frame editor

Pages in a so-called ordinary Webshop Every visible frame contains a page. In top, bottom and left frame the page is always the same. The page in the business frame, however, varies depending on the situation. For the Webshop, the only compulsory frame is the business frame; the others can be left out. It is then also possible to have a so-called frameless Webshop, in which only the business frame is used.

Page structure
Picture 9.3 : Page structure