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By modifying the FrameFree template you can build a frameless shop easily. Unlike most other HTML-fields in Workspace, the FrameFree template should include the whole HTML required for the page (also head and body-elements). After the HTML-template is ready, the shop's frames can be included to it by using variables described in the bottom of the page.

Variables included in the template will be replaced with the content of the WAEs on the corresponding frame. So the left frame variable for instance includes the WAEs of the left page, in the Webshop. The Main frame's page changes according to the shop's state, for instance it can be the frontpage or productlist page, or the cart page, etc. The Main frame variable can also include files uploaded to the Visual's filemanager. The include is done automatically if the Webshop is called with a parameter pageID=filename.

You can switch views using tabs. When HTML tab is selected, html-code will be visible. When WYSIWYG tab is selected, you can see how the page will look in the shop (but consider, that #blocks and $variables$ will not be replaced).

FrameFree - HTML
Picture 9.14 : FrameFree - HTML

FrameFree - WYSIWYG
Picture 9.15 : FrameFree - WYSIWYG