9.3.3 File Manager

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Picture 9.67 : Filemanager

With the File manager you can share files between Workspace users. Any uploaded files are visible for all the Administration Interface users. The files added to the file manager can also be inserted in the Webshop outlook.

You can browse the created directories by clicking on the name of the folder. Any actions you do (upload files, delete files) will only affect the current folder.

The Files list This tab contains all the files added to the File manager. The full name and size are shown for each file.

Adding files You can add files to the File manager by clicking the Browse button at the bottom of the tab. The button opens a menu that shows all the files on your computer. Select the file you want to add and click the Open button and then the Upload button. File size limit is 100Mb. The file will now be moved to the Filemanager. You can repeat the process and upload several files at a time.

Note! You will be notified and given the opportunity to cancel your actions if you are about to overwrite existing files.

Adding zip files You can also upload zip archive files to the file manager. The contents of the zip file will then be extracted to the currently active directory.

Note! When extracting zip files, the contents overwrite anything in their way. So be careful when uploading zip files.

Creating folders You can create folders to organize your file manager contents. Folder name should contain only ASCII characters. Avoid using special characters in folder names.

Viewing files You can view the files by clicking the file name. The file will be opened in a new window.

Removing files You can delete a file or a folder by clicking the trashcan icon. Folder deletion is recursive, all the contents of the folder are lost if deleted.

Editing files You can edit any text based files by clicking the pen&paper icon. Only editing of text files is allowed.

File sorting Files can be sorted in four different ways: by name, by size, by type, and by upload date. Sort files by pressing any title of column.