9.1 Building the Webshop

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9.1.11 CSS Style Attributes

CSS (Cascading StyleSheets) - class attributes are used in some Workspace HTML-WAEs. Customized style can be predefined for each of those WAEs, for example fonts, colors, marginals and locations. Table below explains values of CSS class attributes:
Password WAE CSS class attributes
LoginFormPassword WAE's Login form class
LoginFormUserPassword WAE's user id field class
LoginFormPasswdPassword WAEs's password field class
LoginLoginButtonPassword WAE's 'Login'-button class
LogoutFormPassword WAE's Logout form class
LoginLogoutButtonPassword WAE's 'Logout'-button class
LoginSendPasswordButtonPassword WAEs 'Send Password'-button class
Saveable cart WAE CSS class attributes
SaveableBasketUpdateSaveable cart 'Update' -button class
SaveableBasketRestoreSaveable cart 'Restore cart' -button class
SaveableBasketRemoveAllSaveable cart 'Clear cart' -button class
SaveableBasketSaveSaveable cart 'Save cart' -button class
SaveableBasketDeleteSaveable cart 'Delete item' -button class
Order history WAE CSS class attributes
OrderHistoryRestoreToBasketOrder history 'Restore order' -button class
ShoppingCart WAE CSS class attributes
ShoppingCartUpdateShoppingCart WAE's 'Update'-button class
ShoppingCartRemoveAllShoppingCart WAE's 'Clear cart'- button class
ShoppingCartRemoveButtonShoppingCart WAEs 'Remove product' -button class
ShoppingCartQuantityFieldShoppingCart WAEs 'Quantity' -field class
ShoppingCartItemAddToWishlistShoppingCart WAEs 'Add to wishlist' -button class
ShoppingCartAddAllToWishlistShoppingCart WAEs 'Add all to wishlist' -button class
Wishlist WAE CSS class attributes
WishlistItemDeleteWishlist WAE's 'Item delete'-button class
WishlistItemUpdateWishlist WAE's 'Item update- button class
WishlistItemAddBasketWishlist WAEs 'Item add to shopping cart' -button class
WishlistClearWishlist WAEs 'Clear/Remove all' -button class
WishlistAddBasketWishlist WAEs 'Add all to shopping cart' -button class
WishlistOrderWishlist WAEs 'Order' -button class
Order Form WAE CSS class attributes
OrderFormSendButtonOrder Form 'Send Order' -button class
OrderFormConfirmButtonOrder Form 'Confirm order' -button class
QuickOrder WAE CSS class attributes
QuickOrderAcceptButtonQuickOrder WAE's 'order'-button class
QuickOrderConfirmAcceptButtonQuickOrder WAE's 'confirm order'-button class
ProductSearch WAE CSS class attributes
ProductSearchParameterProductSearch WAE's 'search'-field class
ProductSearchButtonProductSearch WAE's 'search'-button class
Product list and Product page WAE's CSS class attributes
ProductAmountFieldProduct amount input field in Product page and Product list WAE
ProductOptionsFieldProduct options select element in Product page and Product list WAE
ProductAddButton'Add product to cart' -button class
ProductGroupTreeProduct tree's unordered list class
DropDownSubmitButtonProduct catalog dropdown element class
ProductAddToWishlistButton'Add to wishlist' -button class
Registration form WAE CSS class attributes
RegisterFormSendButtonRegistartion form 'Send'-button class
RegisterFormConfirmButtonRegistartion form 'Confirm'-button class
Table 9.1 : CSS class attributes