9.2 Themes

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9.2.1 Changing Themes

In the Change theme page you can select the theme you want to work on, that is, the theme that will be edited in Visual Toolkit. Select the default theme that will always open first in the Webshop. You can see a summary of the Workspace themes below the theme selections. You can mark themes active to make them usable. You can protect a theme, so that it will only be visible for the customers who have the rights to view the theme. You can also choose price group for the theme then all prices in the shop will be formed according to the price group defined for the theme if price group is not defined for the Customer. In Small Business Edition it is possible to have only one active theme and this screen is shown in littlebit different way.

Change theme
Picture 9.11 : Change theme

Click Accept once you have made all your changes.