9.2 Themes

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9.2.25 Change password WAE

Change password WAE is located on the Change password page, to which the customer will be redirected when she logs in using the temporary password. Temporary password is sent in the password recovery email (variable $customer_authentication_token$). The purpose of Change password WAE is to enable the customer to enter a new password to replace the one she has forgotten. The WAE has fields for the password and the password confirmation, and a submit button.

Change password WAE's editor has two tabs, one for the WAE's HTML template and the other for settings.

Change password template
Picture 9.51 : Change password template

On Change password template tab you can edit the WAE's HTML template. The input fields and the submit button can be added to the template as variables.

Change password settings
Picture 9.52 : Change password settings

On Change password settings page you can edit the following settings:

  • Size of the 'password' input field.

  • Size of the 'password again' (password confirmation) input field.

  • 'Alt' text of the submit button.

  • Submit button image.