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Search results can be arranged by defined product field. Field should be one of these used in search. First we select product field, which is used on arranging, and then we select either descending or ascending order for search results.

<input name="advancedsearch.orderby" value="price" type="hidden">
<input name="advancedsearch.orderby.direction" value="desc" type="hidden">

DescripitionAttribute name Values (value="..")Attribute name (name="..")
By which product field search results should be arranged.All productfields previously used in search. (Look at previous table)advancedseach.orderby
Arrange order for search results is ascending.ascadvancedseach.orderby.direction
Arrange order for search result is descendingdesc
Arrange order for search result is based on product creation timecreated
All products ordered by groups ids and products positions (in which they are set in admin). Note, that this attribute will work only if it's set to "true". Other sorting attributes ("advancedsearch.orderby" and "advancedsearch.orderby.direction") will not work with this one.trueadvancedsearch.orderby.group_and_position
Table 9.1 : Attributes, for selecting search results order