4.2 Settings

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4.2.4 Webshop Settings

Here you can set various webshop related settings

  • Enable webshop platform setting defines whether to use the new webshop platform or the earlier PublishedService platform. When this setting is enabled, the webshop platform is used and old PublishedService based shops are unavailable while this setting is enabled. When the webshop platform is not used, the earlier PublishedService based shops are available.

  • Error report settings - You can configure webshop behavior in case of exceptions on client side. You can set the email address of a person, who will get the error report about the exception. If you leave this field blank - no email report will be sent.

  • Client URL settings You can modify the URL of the webshop, which you originally defined during the installation process

Webshop Settings page
Picture 4.6 : Webshop Settings page