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4.5 User groups

If there are a lot of Workspace users in an organization, their access rights are easier to manage by dividing them into user groups with the same access rights, based on their role in the organization. For example, if you have a lot of customer service personnel, it is practical to create a Workspace user role 'customer service' with the access to the Customers and Orders sections. When you create a new user account for a customer service recruit, you just need to choose the already defined role 'customer service' for them, and the user gets access to the Customers and Orders sections. In addition to the user roles, the user can have personal, custom rights to different administration interface sections. The user has all the rights that have been personally checked for them, or that their roles bestow them. User roles and personal rights are independent of each other. Thus if a user has a personal access right to the Products Management, and a role "Product assistant" which also has the rights to the same section, they can use the Product Management even if the role or the personal right is removed from them. If you want to remove the user's right to the Product Management in this case, you need both to remove the personal right and the role from the user.

4.5.1 Role configuration