4.5 User groups

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4.5.1 Role configuration

User role configuration
Picture 4.9 : User role configuration

In the role configuration interface, you can create new user roles, manage their Workspace administration access rights, and remove user roles from the system. Changes to the information in this interface are immediate, meaning that if you remove a right in the interface, it is directly removed from the user group.

  1. The user role must have a unique name that is used for them in the system when choosing roles for the user, for instance. The updated name is saved, when you click on something else in the view.

  2. You can see the access rights of a user role in this box. By pressing the remove button in the right edge of the right tag, you can remove the right from the role.

  3. You can remove a user role by pressing this button.

  4. You can create a new user role by pressing this button. As the name of the group is required, you cannot create new user roles before you have named all of them.

  5. You can drag access rights from this list of rights to the access right boxes of the roles. Create a new role Adding access rights for a role Removing access rights from a role Removing a user role from the system