4.1 Users

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4.1.1 User card

The User Card tab
Picture 4.2 : The User Card tab

In the tab "User card", you can modify a user's information and access rights. The changes are saved into the user database when you press the "Accept" button. You can modify the following information:

  • Name

  • Email

  • GSM number

  • The field "Notes" is for additional information about the user

  • Session timeout in minutes The timeout defaults to 30 minutes if not set. The maximum timeout is 480 minutes.

  • User ID: When modifying a user's user id, you must also give a new password, and vice versa. If a user's user id is changed, the changed user id is also replaced for the customers for whom the user is the contact person, and to products for which the user is the last modifier.

  • Password

  • Repeat new password

  • You can choose a role for the user, and they get the access rights defined for the role.

  • You can remove user roles from the user by pressing the remove button in the right edge of the role tag. The user loses the access rights of the role, if they do not have the rights either because of another role or as personal, custom rights.

  • If you choose the rule "Custom" for the user, or if they have personal access rights, you can tick the rights that you want to give the user in the access right list. You can remove a personal access right from a user by unchecking the right checkbox. The currently available access rights are:

    • System

      • Management - Allows system module management

      • Open Interface - Enables open interface usage

    • Customers

      • Customers management - Enables customer management

      • CSV Transfer - Enables customer module's import and export

    • Webshop

      • Webshop management - Enables webshop editing interface. Webshop administration has separate administrator roles for users, the available roles depend on the version of Webshop in use. To be able to use the webshop administration in any role, the user needs access to Webshop management.

    • Products

      • Products management - Enables product management features

    • Marketing

      • Marketing management - Enables marketing features

    • Payment

      • Payment systems management - Enables payment systems management features

    • Orders

      • Orders management

      • CSV transfer - Enabled import and export features for order

    • Visual

      • Outlook management - Enables visual tools for PublishedService based shops