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5.3.7 Visual

Visual settings
Picture 5.32 : Visual settings

Here you can edit the template used for the product list page.

Modifying the template

Paste a new template to the text field or modify the existing template in the field. The template uses Velocity Template Language (VTL). It has the following variables/objects:

  • $product = Current product

  • $label = Label resource to get localized labels

  • $firstSetProductPictureURL = First set picture URL of the product

  • $position = Position in the current product list (first from top = 0)

  • $isSearch = Are we in a search state

  • $esc = Velocity EscapeTool

Once you have made all the changes, click the Accept button. After saving your modifications product list page have to be refreshed or reopened to see the changes.