5.3 Settings

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5.3.3 VAT Settings

Here a user can create different Product VAT categories and different VAT regions (countries)

VAT settings
Picture 5.25 : VAT settings

In general section you can choose the default VAT region which is used for the customer if Workspace is unable to locate one from the country questions.

Additional located here are the VAT rate settings table for showing VAT categories and VAT regions.

Column's represent VAT categories used by products, delivery methods and payment methods.

Row's represent VAT regions which are added to countries (in customer question country question section).

You can rename and delete VAT categories and regions by using icons, remaining category and region cannot be deleted.

Note, that deleted VAT categories are replaced in products, delivery and payment methods by the first category.

In table you can change VAT rates of categories and regions according to your needs remembering that VAT rates cannot be negative.