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5.1.3 Product Management

Product management
Picture 5.4 : Product management

Selecting / copying / pasting products

  1. Select the product by ticking the box at the beginning of the product row (a).

  2. All products can be selected by clicking the Select all button (b).

  3. You can copy or move the selected product into another group or into another place within the group.

Copying and pasting

  1. Click the Copy selected products here text (c) in the place where you want to copy the selected products. The selected products will be added to the group in the place where you clicked.

  2. If you click the Move selected products here text (d), the details of the selected product will appear in one place only. The product moves from its original place to the new place.

Notice that what actually happens when products are copied is that the products are linked to the group in the specified place. No duplicates of products will be created. If you want to create a duplicate you must use the 'Copy as new' button discussed later. You can link product to a group only once, so copying a product to a group it already belongs to has no effect.

Copy as new

Clicking the 'Copy as new' button in the product row will cause a duplicate of the product to be created. The only difference between the original product and the duplicate is the item code which will have the text "-copy" appended to it. You can now modify the duplicate without affecting the original product in any way.

Removing products

Clicking the Remove button on the product row removes the product from all the groups.

Removing products from group

You can remove product from a group by clicking the trash can icon in the group list under the product row.

Arranging products

The listed products can be arranged either manually using the arrow buttons (e) or the copy and paste commands or using the Arrange products command (f).

  1. Select the arranging criteria from the Select field drop down menu: name (alphabetical), product number, price, creation date, modification date or visibility.

  2. Select either the ascending (e.g. alphabetical) or descending (e.g. reversed alphabetical) order from the Select order drop down menu.

  3. Click the Sort button.

You can also move a single item by clicking the arrow buttons pointing up or down beside the product number. With one click the item moves one step up or down in the product list. Click the arrow buttons until the item is where you want it to be.