5.1 Products

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5.1.2 Product Groups

Products of the Webshop are arranged into groups. It is good to make the titles of the groups as descriptive as possible, as they make the titles of the product groups of the Webshop as well. Good titles make it easier for the customers to find the products they are interested in. Also arranging the product groups in a logical hierarchy can be very helpful for the customer if there are lots of products in the Webshop.

Before you can publish a product in the Webshop, you must create a product group into which the product belongs. A product group can include other product groups or single products.

Product groups can also be moved or copied. You can move or copy one product group and the product groups and products under it at a time.

If a product group tree is selected to be displayed in any theme in the Webshop, there is an icon after the tree name telling that the group is public. By scrolling the mouse over the icon, in the bottom bar of the browser you can see the themes in which the product tree is visible. Creating a Product Group tree Creating a Product Group: Deleting a Product Group Copying and Moving Product Groups Rearranging Product Groups Product Group Features Modifying Product Group Features