5.1 Products

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5.1.4 Products

Creating and modifying a new product

  1. Select the folder where you want the new product to be added.

  2. Click the New button in the Product management field above the product list. Start from the Product information section and then move on to the Product options and Stock sections.

  3. Each product is located on its own row.

  4. If you want to edit the details of an existing product, click the Modify button at the end of the product row in the product list page. The window that opens is the same where the information of the new products is saved.

Remember to click Accept every time you have made changes.

Hidden / visible products

When you click the Hide button on the product row the product will be hidden from the Webshop. Hidden items have a gray background in the Administration Interface's product list. Hidden items become visible in the Webshop when you click the Show button. The background of these items then changes into blue. You can also change product's visibility in the 'Genaral' tab in product information.If you are not able to change hidden products visible, this is probably because you are using automatic product hiding and the product in question has too low stock levels. See the section 1.4.1 for details.

Product search

You can search an item with a key word, for example the product name, from the product list. Type the key word in the text field and select the main group that you want to search from the drop down menu. You can also search all the main groups (option all groups).