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The computation of the product price

All the settings in the current form can affect the final price of the product. The default price for the product can be set under the General tab of this form. The final price for a customer is computed using the pricerules entered here. There are three different types of pricerules.The different types of price rules are applied in the order specified below.

  1. Price group based pricerules, which are applied, when logged on customer belongs to some customer group which is associated with certain price group.

  2. Product option based price rules, which are applied, when customer chooses some product option value, which has a price rule associated.

  3. Contract pricing

  4. Product quantity based price rules, which are applied, when the amount of the products ordered is equal to or bigger than some predefined quantity threshold.

Options & prices
Picture 5.13 : Options & prices

Product options

You can create a drop down menu for product details. If the product is available in several different colors or packages, for example, it may be convenient to place them in a drop down menu for the customers to select from. Each product option makes a drop down menu of its own.

Each option choice has a value, for example red. In addition, you can set a price rule, itemcode and amount (stock) for the product option choice. The sales price is then formed by the customer's choices, according to the price rules. Price rules are entered the same fashion as price changes for product groups.Also the itemcodes set to choices must be unique!

Price group rule fields

In addition to the basic sales price, products have ten price group prices. With price groups, you can define different customer groups different prices. The price group price in the Price group field can be either fixed or in relation to the basic sales price of the product. The price rule can be a new fixed price (e.g. 123) or a change in the original price (e.g. +13 or -13). The change can also be a certain percentage (e.g. +10%). You can see the price that applies to the price group below the field.

Product quantity based pricing rules

Here you can enter a list of product quantity thresholds and corresponding price rules. The price rule is applied, when the amount of products ordered is equal to or greater than the quantity threshold. If there are several thresholds, which are crossed by the selected amount, the price rule associated with the greatest threshold is applied. In example: Let there be two quantity based price rules defined, first with the threshold 10 and price rule -5% and second with the threshold 100 and price rule -10%. Then if the client orders 1..9 products, there will be no quantity based price rules applied. If the client orders 10..99 products, then the price of the product is discounted by 5%. If the client orders 100 or more products, the price of the product is discounted by 10%.