5.3 Settings

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5.3.5 Link Settings

The link settings offer the possibility of using a simple expression language to generate product related links that apply to all products in the shop.

Link settings
Picture 5.27 : Link settings

Each active template replaces the resulting <img> tag or the url in the variables: $product_image1$ and $product_image1_url$. Active templates have precedence over uploaded pictures or URLs set on the product card. Active templates are always the first source for a product or file link.

The template is a simple expression, that must result in a valid URL like http://pictures.myshop.com/productimages/12345.jpg. Variables are used in the templates with the expression #{}. The expression #{itemCode} would add the products item code to the template.


If the products item code is 12345 the following template: http://pictures.myshop.com/productimages/#{itemCode}.jpg would replace the product variable $product_image1_url$ with the url http://pictures.myshop.com/productimages/12345.jpg.

Available variables
  • id - products database id

  • itemCode - products item code

  • manufacturerId - manufacturer id

  • manufacturerItemCode - manufacturer item code

  • supplierId - supplier id

  • supplierItemCode - supplier item code

The template will not escape invalid characters like ", > and <, so only use variables that you trust to not break your layout, or generate illegal URLs.