5.1.2 Product Groups Product Group Features  <<  >>  5.1.3 Product Management Modifying Product Group Features

Product group features can be modified only when the product group folder is selected, that is, the folder icon is open.

  1. First, click the Modify button in the Groups management window [Picture 5.] (b) or the large folder icon above the Product management menu on the right (c). A new window opens.

  2. Modify the features of the product group.

Product group editor
Picture 5.2 : Product group editor

Moving a product group (a)

By clicking the arrow buttons pointing up or down, you can move a product group accordingly. Product groups can also be moved with the cut, copy and paste commands in Groups management.

Group direct link (b)

Group direct link is useful for creating links to product groups from outside the Webshop. As the result, link will display list of group's products. Group code is used to refer to the group in question. You can set the code from Groupcode field under Product group editor. Link will be of the form http://www.mycompany.com/ShowGroup/xxx, where xxx is the group code. Also white spaces can be used in groupcode. If more than one group is found with selected reference, then first match is displayed. Direct link will open group with default theme settings unless a theme number is given in the link. A direct link opening a product group in a specific theme has the following form: http://www.mycompany.com/ShowGroup/xxx/yyy, where xxx is the group code and yyy is the theme number. If group is hidden or not visible under default theme, notification "Access denied for Product / Group" displayed. If link refers to group, which doesn't exist, notification "Product / Group not found!" displayed.

Product group name (c)

If you want to rename a product group, type the new name here. It is a good practice to give product groups as descriptive names as possible, as the names are used as titles of the product groups in the Webshop. The name of the root group of a product group tree is used to refer to the entire tree.

Group description (d)

Type in this field the text for the product list page in the Webshop. Click WYSIWYG tab to use WYSIWYG editor.

Picture 5.3 : WYSIWYG Editor

The text will appear above the product list of the selected group. You can choose the description to appear in the Webshop in addition to the Administration Interface:

  1. If you tick Display group description, the text will appear in the Webshop.

  2. If you untick, the text will appear only in the Administration Interface.

Hiding (e)

A product group, product or another element can be visible in both the Webshop and the Workspace construction board. It can also be visible in the construction board only; it is said that the element is hidden. Common functions of editor are listed below:

  • If you tick the Group visible with all subgroups box in the Product group editor, the product group and all subgroups will be visible in the Webshop.

  • If you untick the box, the group and subgroups will be visible only in the Administration Interface.

Group picture (f)

A picture added here will appear in the place reserved for the product group's name in the product tree. The picture can be a logo, for example.

If you want to add a picture, type the URL address in the Group picture URL address field in the form http://www.company.fi/product.gif

Extra info (g)

A free text field that is available as a variable to be used on the visual side.

Click Save to save your changes.