10.10 Swedish Payment Methods

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10.10.2 Nordea Sweden

In order to use this payment you must contact Nordea Sweden and get all necessary information.

Nordea Sweden
Picture 10.53 : Nordea Sweden

  • In the ”Administrator ID” field, enter the administrator id you have received from Nordea Sweden. Usually it is up to 9 characters long.

  • Enter the version of your MAC key into "Key version" field. Usually you get your key version from the bank. Its usually consist of 4 numbers. NB! If the payment shows the following text when you pay: 'felaktigt angiven version från butiken' = 'indicated version from the webbshop'. Try to put 0001 inside "Key version" instead of the keyversion that the bank gave you.

  • Enter the KVV value you got from Nordea into ”Key verification value (KVV)” field. The value has 32 characters and must not have spaces. This has to be updated whenever the MAC key is updated.

  • Enter the MAC key you got from Nordea into ”MAC key” field. Using this security key, Nordea can check, if payment transactions actually are made from your Webshop. NB! The key version consist of 32 characters and should be put without empty spaces. Example of the correct way to put the macKey: 1234567890abcdef1234567890abcdef. Invalid values are not accepted.

  • Check the "Use the test mode" -checkbox, if you want to test the payment, with testmerchant ID.

Click the ”Accept” button.