10.8 International Payment Methods

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10.8.2 PayPal

You can receive most of the information with Workspace or from the PayPal administration site. Fill in the information at the corresponding fields.

Picture 10.40 : Paypal

  • In the ”PayPal merchant ID” field, enter the e-mail address that you have registered at the PayPal payment service

  • Tick the box ”Use test mode”, if you want to test PayPal in Sandbox testing environment. In order to use Sandbox testing environment, you have to create PayPal developer account at PayPal Developer Central

  • In the ”PayPal IPN version” enter the version number of the PayPal you are using in the payment form in PayPal IPN version field. Information about newest version of IPN are available at PayPal website.

  • Tick the box ”Send order number as reference” to submit the order number as the invoice reference. If left empty, the payment transaction id will be used.

  • Tick the box ”Send address_override parameter” to prevent customer from changing the address fields at the PayPal payment service.

  • ”Payment page style” can be used to select a specific style or theme for the payment window

  • Tick the box ”Use shipping parameter for delivery fees” to send the delivery fees using the shipping_1 parameter instead of an extra order row.

  • If the box ”Transfer quantity as 1 for each row and set the amount as the row total” is ticked the quantity for each item sent to PayPal payment service will always be one (1) and the sum for the order row will be sent as the amount instead of a single item price. In this case the ordered quantity will be inserted in the beginning of the item name.

  • Clicking the PayPal IPN administration site link takes you to the PayPal administration site. You can log in with your own PayPal user ID and password.

Finally, click the ”Accept” button.

NB!!! If the buyer uses discount coupon, then the message that he will see when he gets to paypal is "Payment for order #order_number". Nevertheless the total price will be correct and calculated with discount and shipment so there is nothing to worry about. Without discount the payments works as usual.