10.8 International Payment Methods

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10.8.10 Payment Provider API payment

Payment Provider API offers an interface for payment providers to integrate their payment systems to Workspace. Any payment system that supports Payment Provider API can be added to a Workspace shop as a Payment Provider API payment.

Payment Provider API payment
Picture 10.49 : Payment Provider API payment


  • Merchant id - Merchant's id in the payment provider's service.

  • Secret key - Merchant's secret key.

  • Payment Provider API version - Version of the Payment Provider API implemented by the provider's service.

  • URL for payment option request - If the payment supports requesting payment options during the order process, the URL for this service is configured here. If the payment does not support payment option requests the field should be left empty.

  • URL for confirm payment requests - URL where the payment details will be posted when the customer confirms the order.

  • Payment info template - Velocity template for including method specific data in the email messages. Available variables:

    • $conversationId - Unique id for the payment process.

    • $selectedPaymentOption - The payment option the customer selected.

    • $props - Map of data returned by the payment provider's service. The contents of the map is specific to the payment method.

    The result of rendering this template may be included in email messages with the variable $order_payment_info$.

  • Order form question mappings - Order form questions that should be sent to the payment provider's service.

  • Extra questions - Extra questions which should be answered by the customer.

  • Provider specific settings - Key - value pairs that will be sent to the payment provider's service.

More detailed instructions for filling these fields are available from the payment provider.