10.8 International Payment Methods

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10.8.3 Ogone Payment Gateway

You can receive most of the information by registering as merchant in Ogone. Fill in the information at the corresponding fields.

Picture 10.41 : Ogone

  • Select the language used in payment, from the ”Language used” selection menu.

  • In the ”merchant ID” field, enter the merchant id you have registered at the Ogone payment service.

  • In the ”Dynamic template page URL”, enter the page URL address, which Ogone should use as template page for creating outlook of Ogone payment service for your shop. You can freely design the outlook of payment service using template page, the only requirement is that page must contain the string $$$PAYMENT_ZONE$$$, indicating the location where Ogone can add its fields dynamically. FInally upload page for example into Workspace server using File manager (Visual -->Tools-->File Manager), and enter the complete URL of page into this field. Preview example template at Ogone page

  • Tick the box ”Use test mode”, if you want to test Ogone Payment Gateway. If you are ready to publish your service and want to use real account for Ogone payment, you must follow the instructions at Ogone's own merchant's administration page.

  • The PARAMVAR field can be used to define the value for the parameter passed to Ogone service. The parameter can be included in the post-sale request URL defined in the Ogone administration view.

  • In the ”Key for SHA-1 signature used in pre-sale check" enter the character string used to create SHA signature for payment form. It should be same as string you entered into Ogone's own administration at paragraph 3.2(data checing before payment). Signature is used to check the payments origin and that no data has changed when sending the payment form to Ogone.

  • In the ”Key for SHA-1 signature used in post-payment feedback" enter the character string you entered at Ogone's own administration's paragraph 4.3(Post-payment feedback). The value of this field can be used to build a SHA-1 signature to ensure that no returned parameter has been altered in post-payment feedback.

  • At Ogone administration page point 2.2, define URL, which creates payment form. Set URL: http://www.example.com/workspace.client_yourorganisation/RedirectPayment

  • At Ogone administration page point 4.1 - Post payment feedback, and at point 7.2 - URL for offline http requests, enter URL http://www.example.com/workspace.client_yourorganisation/CompletePayment/ogone/

Finally, click the ”Accept” button.