10.8 International Payment Methods

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10.8.9 Klarna (ex. Kreditor)

This payment allows usage of the Klarna invoice services. Since shoppers will not recognize the Klarna payment name, it is highly recommended that you rename the Klarna payment name to a more recognizable one, such as "Invoice" or "Pay by Invoice". If you wish to use a payment proxy other than the default one, you may change the proxy URL in the specified field. However, if you change proxies, it is important that the proxy uses SSL encryption in order to protect your shoppers' data. You may allow the proxy to ask for all required information from the purchaser, or you may map your own store questions to the proxy. By mapping questions, you will reduce the number of steps required for shoppers to complete their purchase.

Note: If you plan to use the Klarna Payment or Klarna Payment Proxy packaged with Workspace you must ensure your server can access Klarna's payment system at https://payment.klarna.com.

Klarna Admin GUI
Picture 10.48 : Klarna Admin GUI

These field will need to be filled:

  • Klarna EID - the shop owner ID

  • Secret - secret password provided by Klarna

  • External Payment Proxy URL - URL of the external proxy, if you are using one. If you are using Wosbee or any other shop that does not have HTTPS, you should use external proxy https://secure.smilehouse.com/kreditor_v1/KreditorProxy

  • Default Payment Language - language in which the payment icon will be displayed and language of payment proxy if the user's language cannot be determined.

  • Payment type - possible limitation to the offered payment types.

  • Test mode - Tick to use Klarna's test mode.

  • Get Campaigns - use this button to fetch your campaigns (Payment Plans) defined in your Klarna account. Any campaigns received can be used by your customers to make installment payments.

  • Payment Status that Activates Order - Select an order status from this field and then, when you change an order's status within workspace to "Order Sent" or "Order Activated", workspace will contact Klarna automatically and "activate" that invoice.

  • Question Mapping - for linking your own shop questions to the proxy. Do not worry if some or all questions are not set up. If some answers are missing then proxy will just ask for them again if needed. Note that the PNO field SHOULD NOT BE USED if your store is not operating under SSL encryption.

Finally, click the ”Accept” button.