10.8 International Payment Methods

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10.8.1 ITransact

You can receive most of the information with Workspace or from the ITransact administration site. Fill in the information at the corresponding fields. Workspace does not mark orders "paid" when using ITransact payment. Merchant has to check the payment transactions manually in ITransact's administration site.

Picture 10.39 : ITransact

  • Enter your vendor ID that you receive from the bank in the ”Merchant ID” field.

  • Enter your company or Webshop name in the ”Merchant name” text field. This text will be shown on the ITransact payment form.

  • Tick the box ”Allow ITransact check payment”, if you are accepting checks.

  • Tick the box ”Use ITransact credit card payment”, if you want the customers to be able to settle their invoice with their credit card.

  • Tick the box ”Allow EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) transactions”, if you wish to enable payment acceptance via electronic funds transfer. Funds are electronically transferred from your customer's bank account into your own. In order to use EFT, you must have an account with First American Payment Processing (FAPP), a trusted EFT processor.

  • Tick the box ”We accept the following cards” at those credit card names you want to be accepted as a payment method.

  • Clicking the ”ITransact administration site link” takes you to the ITransact administration site. You can log in with your own ITransact user ID and password

Finally, click the ”Accept” button.