10.8 International Payment Methods

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10.8.5 Google Checkout

Google Checkout isn't actually a payment but a checkout flow. It has the following differences compared to the usual checkout flow in Workspace:

  • You cannot choose Google Checkout from the usual payment method dropdown on the order form. Instead there is a special Google Checkout button which bypasses Workspace's order form altogether.

  • With Google Checkout all customer data comes from Google. When Workspace receives an order made using Google Checkout it tries to match all the customer data to it's own set of questions. Some questions in Workspace may be left unanswered even if they are marked obligatory. For data that cannot be mapped to Workspace's questions an extra text field question will be added.

Restrictions when using Google Checkout

  • The merchant must have U.S. bank account and address, plus either a Social Security number and a valid credit card or a Federal Tax ID/Employer Identification Number (EIN).

  • Buyer's billing address must be in one of the countries listed by Google

  • Shop's primary currency must be U.S. dollar.

  • Currently Workspace doesn't support coupons with Google Checkout so according to Google Checkout's guidelines you should not accept coupons in your Workspace shop if Google Checkout is in use.

Google Checkout account

To use Google Checkout, you need a Google Checkout merchant account. If you want to test the checkout process first, you also need test merchant and buyer accounts in Google Checkout Sandbox service. See Google Checkout Developer's Guide for details.

After logging in to Google Merchant Center you can find your merchant id and merchant key on the "Settings - Integration" page. On that page there is also a text field for "API callback URL". This URL should be "https://<shop url>/workspace.client_<organization name>/GoogleCheckoutCallback". (for example. "https://demo.example.com/workspace.client_gcotest/GoogleCheckoutCallback", is your organization name is "gcotest" and the shop is installed on "demo.example.com") If you are hosting Workspace on your own server make sure that it has HTTPS secured by SSL v3 or TLS using a valid certificate from a major Certifying Authority


Google Checkout
Picture 10.43 : Google Checkout

  • Fill in your Google merchant ID in the "Merchant id" field. You will find the merchant id on the "Settings - Integration" page in Google Merchant Center.

  • Fill in your Google merchant key in the "Merchant key" field. You will find the merchant key on the "Settings - Integration" page in Google Merchant Center.

  • If you are testing with a sandbox account, tick "Use sandbox account"

  • If "Charge orders automatically" is ticked, Workspace will automatically send charge command as soon as the order is chargeable.

  • Set the size and appearance of your Google Checkout buttons in "Google Checkout button size" and "Google Checkout button style" boxes.

Google Checkout button

The buyer starts the Google checkout process by clicking Google Checkout button. You can add Google Checkout button to your shop using the Link WAE.

Managing orders made using Google Checkout

Google Checkout control box
Picture 10.44 : Google Checkout control box

Order management also differs from the usual with orders that are made though Google Checkout. With these orders you see a special Google Checkout box in order management. The box contains Google Checkout specific data on the order, like Google order number, Google's order states and risk information received from Google. You can also process the order very much the same way you can in Google Merchant Center. This same box appears also on the associated payment transaction's page.

For detailed description of Google Checkout's order processing commands, order states etc. refer to Google Checkout's documentation.