10.8 International Payment Methods

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10.8.4 ChronoPay

In order to be able use this payment you must register with ChronoPay, who will provide you with necessary instructions for setting up ChronoPay's side of the payment. Most importantly, you need to create a new product on the ChronoPay pages. When creating the product you have to set the return URL - the page customers are redirected to after a successful payment. This parameter is Access URL on ChronoPay's product settings page. You have to set it to the following value:

http://<shop url>/CompletePayment/chronopay/

Here you need to replace <shop url> with the base URL to your shop.

Workspace does not mark orders "paid" when using ChronoPay payment. Merchant has to check the payment transactions manually in ChronoPay's client interface.

Picture 10.42 : ChronoPay

The only parameter needed when setting up the payment in Workspace is the Product ID of the product you created on ChronoPay's administration page.

Having entered the Product ID, click the ”Accept” button.