10.4 Identification Transactions

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10.4.2 Identification Details

Identification transaction details
Picture 10.11 : Identification transaction details

This tab contains detailed information on one identification transaction. The information is divided into two tables.

Basic info

This table contains the basic info on the identification transaction. All this info was already displayed in the transaction list.


This table contains data on all the stages of the identification process. Different events are listed on their own row. The list contains the following columns:

  • Event time.

  • Event type. Possible values are:

    • Created. The identification transaction was initiated.

    • Sent to identification service. The customer was directed to the identification vendor service

    • Received from identification service. The customer returned from identification vendor service.

  • Identification Status. The status of the identification after the event.

  • Details. The following types of events have more detailed information associated with them:

    • Sent to identification service - The complete HTML form that was used for sending the request to the vendor service.

    • Received from identification service - The URL and the parameters which was received from the vendor service.

    If details are available there's a link labeled "Show" that will open them in a popup window. In ambiguous situations these details can be used to track very precisely the interaction between Workspace and the vendor's identification service during the identification process.