10.4 Identification Transactions

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10.4.1 Identification Search

In the list on this tab you can see all the identification transactions made and search them. Every identification transaction is on it's own row and up to ten transaction are shown on one page. You can change pages by clicking the page numbers above and below the list.

Identification transaction search
Picture 10.10 : Identification transaction search

  • Transaction id. An unique numeric identifier for the identification transaction. Clicking the id opens the transaction details tab.

  • Caller id. Name with which the system who initiated the transaction identified itself.

  • Identification method

  • Status. Possible values are:

    • Pending. The transaction has been initiated, but is not confirmed as identified or cancelled.

    • Identified. The identification transaction has been finished successfully.

    • Cancelled. The identification was cancelled by the customer.

    • Failed. An error occurred in some part of the identification process.

  • Created. The time when the payment transaction was initiated.

Columns Transaction id and Caller id can be used to search identification transactions by writing the value to be searched to the text field under the column title and clicking the Search button.