10.6 Finnish payment methods

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10.6.19 Paytrail

Paytrail (Suomen Verkkomaksut) is a payment service provider that offers several other payment methods the customer can choose from. The method can be mapped to a service offered by Paytrail directly, so that the customer gets redirected to the proper service directly from the shop. Other option is to have a single payment method in the shop, which redirects to the Paytrail service, where the customer will choose his payment method.

It is also possible to add the payment method several times, so you can map all the different payment methods directly, and have them show up individually to the customer in the shop.

Note that based on your contract with Paytrail, some restrictions might apply to the payment methods.

Picture 10.32 : Paytrail

  • Paytrail payment gateway address - The current URL of the Paytrail payment gateway

  • Payment state query address - The URL where the payment state queries will be sent when checking transactions

  • Merchant ID - your personal merchant identification

  • Merchant secret key - your personal merchant secret key

  • Language - Language of the Paytrail interface

  • Payment method - if selected, the payment method will redirect directly to the chosen service, "Customer's choice" means the customer gets to choose which one he uses

  • Question mappings - what order questions correspond to fields required by the Paytrail payment service

Not mapping questions might limit the availability of some payment choices like Klarna and Collector. If the country question is not mapped, a default of "FI" will be used. Finally, press Accept to save the settings.