10.6 Finnish payment methods

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10.6.13 Tapiola

You can receive most of the information with Workspace or from Tapiola. Fill in the information at the corresponding fields. By default here are Tapiola's own test settings.

Picture 10.26 : Tapiola

  • From the ”Language used” select language displayed on payment form

  • In the ”Merchant ID” field enter your identifier assigned to you by Tapiola.

  • In the ”Merchant's bank account” field enter your Tapiola's bank account number.

  • In the ”Merchant Name” field enter your your name, or your company's name.

  • In the ”Key version” field enter the check key version number you got from bank.

  • In the ”Check Key” field enter your check key, you got from Tapiola.

Finally, click the Accept button.