10.6 Finnish payment methods

10.6.4 Pohjola Pankki Oyj  <<  10.6.5  >>  10.6.6 Säästöpankki/Paikallisosuuspankki (POP) 

10.6.5 Pohjola Pankki Oyj Duedate

You can receive most of the information with Workspace or from Pohjola Pankki Oyj bank. Fill in the information at the corresponding fields. Pohjola Pankki Oyj supports also payment checks through order management. Payment check only works, if Pohjola Pankki Oyj has switched it on. Ask for more information at Pohjola Pankki Oyj.

Pohjola Pankki Oyj Duedate
Picture 10.17 : Pohjola Pankki Oyj Duedate

  • In the ”Merchant ID” field enter your personal Merchant Id, you got from bank

  • In the ”MAC key” field enter your personal secret code you got from bank. Using this security key, Pohjola Pankki Oyj can check, if payment transactions actually are made from your Webshop.

  • Create due date by setting amount of days to be added to current date.

Finally, click the Accept button