10.6 Finnish payment methods

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10.6.2 Finnish Nordea

You can receive most of the information with Workspace or from Nordea bank. Fill in the information at the corresponding fields. Nordea supports also payment checks through order management.

Finnish Nordea
Picture 10.14 : Finnish Nordea

  • Enter your company or Webshop name into the ”Administrator name” text field.

  • Enter your personal merchant ID into the ”Administrator ID” field.

  • Into the ”Administrators bank account” field enter your bank account number combination.

  • Enter the MAC key you got from Nordea into ”MAC key” field. Using this security key, Nordea can check, if payment transactions actually are made from your Webshop.

  • Enter the form of the expiration date into the ”Expiration date (EXPRESS or DD.MM.YYYY)” field, if you want expiration date to be in this date form. Otherwise use EXPRESS definition, which is recommended.

  • Enter the version of your MAC key into "Key version" field. Usually you get your key version from bank.

  • Select the language used in payment, from the ”Language” selection menu.

Finally, click the Accept button.