10.6.17 Maksuturva Payment Settings  <<  >> Maksuturva Registration Service KauppiasExtranet Settings

KauppiasExtranet settings control linking to Maksuturva's KauppiasExtranet service from Workspace administration. The shop keeper should receive the id and the password from Maksuturva along other contract information. After the login information has been filled in, the administrator can click the Go to Maksuturva KauppiasExtranet (www.maksuturva.fi) link to access the Extranet account.

Checking the Enable KauppiasExtranet login on order pages enables a KauppiasExtranet link on the order administration pages (inside the delivery code control box). The link is a direct link to the relevant order page on the KauppiasExtranet. NOTICE THAT ENABLING THIS LINK GIVES THE KAUPPIASEXTRANET LOGIN ID AND PASSWORD TO ANYBODY WITH ACCESS INTO THE ORDER ADMINISTRATION.